About Us

Introduction Kamata Pakistan.com is a web and mobile start-up dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to the blue collar (informal) job sector (cooks, maids, house keepers, helpers, office boys, factory labour, etc.) by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, SMS and social networks.
Inspiration Kamata Pakistan project is inspired by:
  • A research conducted on Pakistani labour market that such type of labour market can perform better if the flow of information is increased and;
  • Duke University and World Bank research that showed that the primary path out of poverty is income diversification which can be achieved having access to multiple job opportunities.
What was lacking? Traditionally, it was only those informal sector workers with strong social networks that could learn of relevant job opportunities and apply for better jobs. Jobs are usually spread through word-of-mouth and this dependency on word-of-mouth networks creates huge inefficiencies both for employers. For example, there is no job bulletin board in small communities 20-30 kms outside of major cities like Lahore and Karachi providing comparative listings of every housekeeping job in the city. Similarly, there's no digital way that a janitorial and cleaning service provider, which may hire hundreds of people, can easily filter and reach out to their ideal Job seekers.
Our Aim Kamata Pakistan acts as a scalable, sustainable, digital and replicable solution to both informal sector employers and job seekers. With our innovative mechanism we are reaching job seekers through mobile phones which have 70% penetration in Pakistan. This service will be able to:

  • Increase income of informal job seekers
  • Decrease commute time to save money
  • Increase possibility of selecting ideal Job seekers
  • Decrease turnover rate to save cost of resourcing