Our Partners


Kamata Pakistan is working with the Punjab Skills Development Fund to provide premium placement facilities for blue collar workers who have received certified training from the leading training institutions of Pakistan.


The Punjab Vocational Training Council is one of Pakistan's largest demand-driven vocational training centres with over 180 training institutes across the province. Kamata Pakistan will be working on job placements for PVTC trainess and helping its mission of poverty alleviation and progress in the region.


TEVTA is Punjab's leading demand driven technical and vocational training institute which aims to develop the international competitiveness of the workforce in the province. Kamata Pakistan will work on job information and placement services for TEVTA's graduates.


Operating since 2007, RiskDiscovered™ is Pakistan's leading primary source verification provider and the official background-checker for Kamata Pakistan’s candidate database.


Resource Access is a state-of-the-art workers’ training and grooming center that aims to place the best skilled workers Pakistan has to offer to top companies abroad.


FACES Pakistan is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 with a mandate to empower women by the provision of economic opportunities, which Kamata Pakistan’s placement program will now accelerate.


Ovex Technologies is one of Pakistan’s leading communication technologies and outsourcing services provider.